An electric jeepney was launched yesterday in Makati with much fanfare and press coverage. It went around the City of Makati driven by prominent faces in the movie industry as well as by Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay.

The jeep was created by Solar Electric Co. (Solarco). The jeep is said to cost about P550,000 and will have a range of 120 km on an 8 hour charge while ferrying 17 passengers. According to Solarco, it would cost about P150.00 to charge the vehicle for 8 hours. Greenpeace Philippines is very much into promoting the e-jeepney for use in the Philippines streets.

I’m very much for the use of the e-jeepney in order to cut back on our emissions. My worry however is on the 40kph max speed that the vehicle can run at. 40kph is just way too slow for today’s streets. Aside from being a nuisance to the other drivers around you, this could also have the resulting effect of creating more emissions because of the traffic jam you’re causing behind.

I know first hand what a nuisance a 40kph car can have on the main thoroughfares, considering that I live in a city that is full of those Suzuki CarryAll’s converted into public utility vehicles with drivers who just love to drive it at 40 kph. Add to that the fact that a jeepney’s purpose isn’t just to get from point A to B since it ferry’s passengers in between, expect it to stop at points B, C, D, E, F, G…etc, get the picture? That is one traffic jam I’m seeing there. In fairness to the Suzuki Carry All however, it isn’t such a nuisance once it hits 60kph.


Article here

Video Link to Article here, my apologies that it is in Filipino.

Contact information for the builders of the E-Jeepney:

Solar Electric Company
Mr. Robert Puckett
Tel: 7244812/7264322

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2 Responses to “Electric Jeepney”

  1. Mark Says:

    at this time, i hope that particular vehicle will help our environment to prevent the air-pollution.

  2. kim Says:

    pwede ko pog ba malamn ang contact number ng tao in charge sa sales ng ejeep??