Update: Check out this other article on how to make a small scale biodigester that uses kitchen waste.

Home Made BiodigesterGreat forum post of Engr. Gerry Baron from the Philippines detailing his experience in making a biodigester that produces methane from animal waste. He experimented using Chicken and Pig manure and found that he was getting better yields with the Chicken manure. His biodigester was made from High Density Polyethylene HDPE with 1.5 mm thickness.

I’ve long wanted to build one of these in order to be more fossil fuel free in our kitchen, but my stumbling block has always been where to source the manure for the biodigester. I wouldn’t want to be raising pigs and chickens just for the sake of getting a biodigester working.

I’ve some friends who ventured into the poulty and piggery business and none lasted long. The high price of medicines and feeds they had to consume to keep their stock healthy made their business unprofitable. I’m not even going to touch on the sensitive topic of these farm animals being carcinogenic because of the amount of antibiotics pumped into them hence the drive for organic and naturally grown farm animals.

According to Engr. Baron, for a family of 4 to 6 members, you will need at least 1 cubic meter of Methane/Biogas in order to cook 3 meals per day. With that, it will require about 5 liters of pig manure/day which can be produced by 8 pigs.

So where do you get the manure? Well it turns out that you don’t really need manure. Engr Baron tested with cut grass from a nearby golf course and got some good results. I’m assuming of course that you need to charge it initially with manure because the bacteria that digest solids into methane exist in the manure of animals.

Now that is one experiment that I’m willing to try out to test its viability since we have a lot of grass lying around.

Design Sources here and more info on his results here, compiled and more easily readable article here.

For additional information, contact him by the following means :
email: biogas.works@gmail.com
cellphone: +63-927-407-1142

By the way, Methane is a green house gas. One must make sure that it isn’t released into the atmosphere in its raw form (burned is ok). So always make sure that your biodigester has no leaks in them.

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