Nissan Leaf 6 month maintenance requirement

I found this little piece of information about the all electric Nissan Leaf from Autoblog green quite fascinating.

The article points out that the first regular check up clocks in at 24,000 km (15,000 miles) or 6 months. All that is required to check up are the under chassis (suspension, brakes, etc) and rotate the tires. Compare that to a regular fossil fuel powered vehicle that requires a regular oil change every 5000 kilometers or 2 ~ 6 months depending on the driving conditions.

I was having a talk with an old and wizened mechanic whose face has seen the wrinkles of wisdom and experience carved into it. He said that the 5000 km oil change was only a recent thing because of the advancement of paved roads. He said in the old days oil changes were done every 2500 km because of the dusty roads. Pretty soon, oil changes are going to be a thing of the past.

What the world needs right now is an innovator like Henry Ford, who was able to reduce the price and improve on the electric automobile to make it accessible to the masses in both price and durability.

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