Top 5 Things I won't miss when Electric Cars go Main Stream

I was doing some regular maintenance on my car the other day, opening up the hood, checking fluids, etc. I couldn’t help but think about the things I won’t miss whenever I have the chance to get an electric car.

  1. Regular engine fluid changes - regular oil change for a car is usually set at every 5000 km or 6 months, depending also on the driving conditions. Oil changes are done to remove the impurities brought about by the combustion process as well as the grinding of engine parts. Aside from changing the oil, you will also have to change oil filters. Then there are also the transmission oils, fuel filters and what not. The savings and protections to the environment from not having to dump those stuff is something I won’t miss
  2. Mufflers - The exhaust system of the car is where burnt gases are released. It is one of the dirtiest, smelliest and hottest places of the internal combustion cycle. Getting rid of that is a good enough reason for me to be happy when the world goes electrict. There are also those inconsiderate people who like to sport “racing” mufflers in order to sound cool. With the electric motor giving out a silent hum as it glide through the streets, I don’t think it’s something that you can accomplish with an electric vehicle without looking idiotic.
  3. That smoggy smell in the morning - I like driving with my window down, but mornings are not the times I want to do that. Specifically because of the rush hour traffic and because the cold morning air means that most fuel delivery systems in cars will have to compensate for the weather by burning more fuel, therefore spewing more unburnt gas in the air
  4. Warming up the engine before driving it - every morning before heading out, I usually alot 3 to 5 minutes of just running the engine to warm up the oil. The purpose of this is so that the oil reaches its operating temperature so that it can lubricate properly to prevent wear and tear. The lost time and the wasted fuel brought about by this process is definitely something I won’t miss
  5. Worrying about the radiator - The internal combustion engine is one of the most inefficient engine designs ever. Because most of the energy is lost through the radiator. The weakness of the internal combustion engine is that the materials used to build it can’t stand the extreme heat of the combustion process, hence we have to cool it down to prevent from breaking the engine. In an old car like mine, one of the problems I continuously face is the radiator, because old cars don’t cool down so well. Also modern front wheel drive cars are designed to run hot in order to be efficient while having the smallest radiators to save on space. The margin for error is very small as compared to a rear wheel drive vehicles when it comes to running temperatures. Add to that that heat is one factor why engine parts breakdown, so making sure that your radiator works and cools your engine properly is something I won’t miss. That’s a couple of pounds off your electric car too having to do without a cooling system for the engine.

Switching to an electric car will be a welcome paradigm change in my life but it’s not something I’m expecting to see in the near future. Maybe in around 10 years or so can we get good electric cars that can put commuters at ease. But then again, almost all electric components are governed by Moore’s Law, which call for an upgrade in technology in every 6 months, so it could happen a whole quicker then I expect. That is one premise I would love to be proven wrong.

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