Fool Me Twice

There is an old adage: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. After being royally screwed by the TV show Top Gear (I don’t watch that show anymore) during a segment on the Tesla Roadster, where it was really set to fail. Elon Musk and his crew learned their lesson when it comes to lending one of their cars for a press road test by double checking the log files once the review comes out.

Elon Musk takes to their blog to refute the review released by the New York Times on its flag ship Model S. Each point raised by Mr. Musk refuting the claims of the article author, John Broder, is backed up by the log data of the car.

The results are really scandalous and puts the New York Times in such a bad light. Like the banking industry, what really makes a media company valuable isn’t the capital or physical assets, but rather the integrity that they possess. This is really a bad blight on the reputation of the New York Times. Another question that was raised is “what” or “who”, influenced John Broder to write such a damnable and skewed article.

There is also another adage that comes to mind after this debacle, that the only truthful thing that one can bank on when reading the newspaper is the date. This episode will forever ring into my mind whenever I read something from the New York Times.

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